Sunday, October 7, 2012

7-Week Half-Marathon Training Schedule

Maybe the sunny weather in Seattle in October encouraged me to just register for the Seattle Half-Marathon.  Now it is time to train! If you have been working out regularly and need a quick half-marathon training plan, this plan will be perfect for you. I really believe that during training you only need to reach the mileage of your race distance minus 3 miles. You will notice that the routine below only goes up to 10 miles. Why run 13 miles a week before the race? Save your energy to run 13 miles on race day! If you set the right pace during the race, you won't have a problem running it with this 7-week training schedule.

  Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 3 4 OC* 4 2 3 rest
Week 2 3 4 OC* 4 3 rest 6
Week 3 rest 5 OC* 4 3 3 7
Week 4 rest 6 OC* 4 3 3 8
Week 5 rest 6 OC* 4 3 3 9
Week 6 rest 6 OC* 4 3 3 10
Week 7 rest 5 OC* 3 2 rest race day

*OC=Other Cardio, Do another form of cardio other than running for at least 45 minutes such as biking, swimming, elliptical or a cardio/strength class.

This plan would pair really nicely with some strength training.  When your muscles (mainly hamstrings and quads) around your knees are strong, you will save yourself from knee pain during the race and get up any hills easier.

If you live in Seattle, the Seattle half-marathon is on Sunday, November 25th, 2012.  You can burn off all of the turkey and pie from Thanksgiving.  Register here today and start training, well tomorrow.  You can do it!

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Katy of said...

Thanks for this! I had been running, did a half, bunch of 5ks, a 10k etc, but then various things stopped me from running. I am doing the runDisney Princess half in a couple months and needed a training schedule around this length without complicated instructions. This is perfect!