Saturday, September 1, 2012

Quick Weekend Ab Workout

Fitting in workouts on the weekend will make your weekends more complete and make you feel great when you are relaxing with your friends and family.  I am going to bike to Woodinville from Seattle with my husband today (and taste wine after:)), so I wanted to get a quick ab workout in this morning before we go.  I just completed the following workout and my abs feel tight and ready for a fun day!  It takes about 10 minutes and you feel great after.

Weekend Ab Workout:

- 90 second plank (go as long as you can until you start shaking).
- Rotate from standard plank to side plank on each side.  Hold each plank for 10 seconds and repeat 5 times.
- Knee to elbow (Drive opposite knee up to opposite elbow and tighten abs during movement) switch legs and repeat 20 times.
- 40 traditional crunches
- 40 bicycle crunches
- 20 leg raises (lay on back, place hands under your buttom, raise legs to a 90 degrees, lower legs and lift back up, repeat).
- 20 toe touches (standing, bring leg up and touch your toe with your opposite arm).
- 60 second plank

Just do it and enjoy the 3-day weekend! 

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