Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bikini Ready Abs

It is bikini season and if you want your abs looking flat and toned, I have the perfect, effective ab workout routine for you.  It takes about 10 minutes and involves different plank exercises.  The plank is my new favorite exercise and really tightens up the core while burning more calories than a crunch because you are using other muscles as well.  It also doesn't require any equipment which I love.  I guarantee you will feel fabulous after 2-3 weeks of doing this routine 5 days per week.  You know you want to show off your toned tummy the next time you are at the beach!

- Forearm plank for 1 minute
- Forearm plank with leg lift (10 times on each leg)
- Side plank for 1 minute on each side
- Side plank with leg lift (10 times on each side)
- Straight arm plank for 1 minute
- Straight arm plank wih shoulder touch (alternate arms for 30 seconds total)
- Straight arm plank with arm raise (hold arm out for 5 seconds then switch arms for 30 seconds total)

You can find detailed instructions and illustrations for the exercises above here.

Pictures from Vix Swimwear ( I love their swimsuits!  Motivation to start this workout today or tomorrow if you are already enjoying a skinny summer cocktail on your deck:).)

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