Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Day at the Beach

It is swimsuit time ladies.  I am sure many of you have sunny vacations in your near future and want to look your best.  I just started my swimsuit shopping for a vacation I have at the end of June.  Start looking for your perfect swimsuit which will give you extra motivation to work on your beach body.

There are so many chic, cute styles out right now.  Don’t feel like you have to wear a bikini, several stores are carrying super stylish one-pieces.  Glamour magazine claimed that the sporty suit, retro suit and boho suit are the 3 hottest styles to shop for.  I also saw a nautical trend I was attracted to and loved the sexy, sporty look as well.  Here are my top ten favorite swimsuits for this summer.
1.) Tory Burch Monogrammed Triangle Bikini

2.) Milly Santorini Print Halter Bikini
3.) Jcrew Deck-Stripe Triangle Top and Bikini Bottom

4.) Jcrew Seersucker Halter Top and Bikini Bottom

5.) Chloe Sporty Halter Bikini Swimsuit

6.) Chloe Scoop Back Sporty One-Piece Swimsuit

7.) Tommy Hilfiger Colorblocked One Shoulder One Piece

8.) Vix Bia Logo Tube Black Bikini

9.) Vix Betsey Black Bia Tube Bikini

10.) Vix Odette Long Triangle Detail Bikini

Shopping for swimwear is fun, but even better if you are feeling good about yourself.  It is not too late to get toned for your summer vacation.  Check out this simple, no equipment beach body workout from  You're guaranteed to have a fabulous day(s) at the beach.

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