Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Outdoor Workout with your Toddler

I took my son (2.5 years old) to the gym again today, tried to put him in the daycare for my favorite workout class and failed at getting him to stay. I was in the car thinking how can I get my workout in today and proceeded to go to the drive-thru Starbucks for more coffee (Grande soy cappuccino at 110 calories). I thought this is sad, I was supposed to get my workout in early and all I have done today is get more coffee. When we got home, I started playing in the yard with my son. He loves to be outside running around like most toddlers do and so do I so I put a workout together (see below). Success, another workout in as I hung out and played with my son.
Outdoor Workout with your Toddler Routine
  • Start jogging in place and as you explain the game freeze/go (same as red light/green light) to your toddler. Say "go" and off you and your toddler will run around the yard. Then say "freeze", freeze for a few seconds and then "go". Continue doing this until toddler has moved on to some other activity outside. My son started riding his cop car. I continue to run around the yard in loops where I could see him. He would get out of the cop car and tell me to freeze and go, walk or run as he pleased and liked to be the guide. I was able to continue this game for 20 minutes.

  • After that got a bit old, I put different colored foam square mats out that my son likes to play on. I would do the plank and then he would try. I would do sit ups and push ups and he would jump on the different color tiles. You can also try and do resistance band exercises with your toddler. They like to try and mimic you. I was able to get in a few strength exercises and it took about 10 minutes.

  • Then my son wanted to water so I gave him a watering can and started running around again, doing jumping jacks and do up/downs on the first step leading up to our deck. I did this for another 10 minutes.

This was less then I wanted to get in, but it was something and I felt ok about not being able to get to the gym. I ended up topping the above workout with 20 minutes on our home elliptical machine when my son fell asleep, but still had plenty of time to fit other "to-dos" in.
Try and get some exercise in with your Toddler outdoors.

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