Sunday, April 15, 2012

Low Calorie Drinks and Cocktails

Everyone loves a beverage or two, but you don't want it to sabotage your health or diet.  Here are some great options for drinks and cocktails that you can enjoy and not have too many calories sneak up on you or your kids.  Of course water is the best option, but that can get boring.

Low Calorie Drinks for you and your Kids:

- Talking Rain Sparkling Water (0 calories)

- Vitamin Water Zero (0 calories)

- Cascade Ice (0 calories)

- Diet Hansen's Soda (0 calories)

Mommy and Daddy Juice:

- White (Dry) or Red Wine (4 oz at 75 calories)

- Dry Martini with Lemon (1 oz 80 proof vodka at 64 calories)

- Sugar Free Margarita (just mix tequila (1 oz at 60 calories), fresh lime juice and a small amount of stevia extract)

- Sugar Free Red Bull (1 8 oz 10 calories) (recommend only having one in the morning)

Read more about calories in drinks and low calorie mixers on WebMD.  Workout hard and enjoy a low cal refreshment.  Cheers!

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