Friday, April 27, 2012

Ice Cream Lover's Dream

Summer is coming up and you may be craving some ice cream.  I have found a product that seems to good to be true and you can't possibly overeat it because it is the lowest calorie ice cream I have ever seen.  The ice cream is called Artic Zero and it is so good for all of the following reasons:

- Less than 150 calories for the whole pint!
- Gluten free
- Fat free
- Suitable for those that are lactose intolerant
- Contains only natural and organic ingredients
- Low glycemic and suitable for type 2 diabetes
- Kosher
- 8 grams of fiber per pint
- 14 grams of whey protein per pint
- No sugar alcohols (great for kids)

I mean that is pretty impressive and a great addition to anyone's diet that has a sweet tooth or can't just have a few bites of ice cream.  They have seven flavors and my favorite are strawberry, cookies and cream and vanilla maple.  You should give it a try.  It is sold at Whole Foods now.

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