Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Family Jog

It is important for a family to be active together so that the whole family is healthy which will lead to a happier household.  One activity that is simple and fun to do together is jogging.  You can head to a beautiful park in the area or run around the neighborhood.  It is fun for your kids to see you be fit with them and it is also a time to bond with your kids.  You can support them and spend the time catching up on their feelings, friends and activities going on in their life.  You can also keep a log of miles and time and have rewards for reaching certain goals.

I went jogging with my parents when I was younger and still do today!  I really appreciate that they introduced this fun hobby to me and I want to carry on the tradition in my family.  If your kids aren't in to jogging, you may look into a kids race in the area or just be a positive influence by running in a race and have them cheer you on!  Maybe that will excite them to do a family jog.  My stepdaughter doesn't like to run, but she loves to bike so my husband jogs around Greenlake and she bikes.  That is another option to get in some activity and bonding as a family.

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