Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3 Day Detox Blast

My husband and I thought it would be fun to do a detox together.  Well maybe my husband didn't think it would be fun, but he did it and we both felt great afterward.  I have never tried a crazy detox such as the Master Cleanse or only drinking fruit or vegetable juice during the day frankly because I don't think I could do it and it doesn't seem balanced or practical if you have to function during the day.  A detox is good if you feel sluggish from too many holiday treats or dinner parties.  It is also a good way to jump start a diet plan, break bad habits or flatten your belly quickly.

The detox I did, Raw by Aster 3 Day Detox Blast, was only 3 days and had some balance to it.  Yes it was low in calories, not recommended for a long stretch of time, but 3 days was perfect.
The 3 Day Detox Blast required you to avoid wheat, yeast, gluten, soy, caffeine, alcohol, dairy, gluten, artificial colors, sugar, or preservatives.  The detox did include whey protein smoothies, salmon, green vegetables, unsalted almonds, almond milk, quinoa, brown rice, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, avocado, apples and oranges.  It also included vitamins, a detox exfoliating body scrub, face wash and body oil.

Here is the meal plan we followed:

Start the day with a not very pleasant cup of hot water with lemon and cayenne pepper

1 whey protein smoothie with 8-10 oz of almond milk
1 vitamin

1 apple or orange

4 oz lean protein (Salmon, White Fish, Chicken, Turkey or Beans)
1 Fat (about 20 Pumpkin Seeds, about 20 Sunflower Seeds, 1 tbspn Olive Oil, 1/4 Avocado)
1 cup cooked green vegetables
1/2 cup starch (Quinoa, Brown Rice)

1 serving of 10 Raw almonds, 10 cashews, 20 sunflower seeds, or 1/4 avocado

1 whey protein smoothie with 8-10 oz of almond milk
1 vitamin

The detox is strict, but the smoothies are really good and I like the fact that you can eat some food including protein which keeps you not feeling as hungry on a low calorie diet.  I recommend this detox over other ones I have heard about.  If the portions are too small for you, it wouldn't hurt to follow this plan for a few days and just increase portion size to the amount that works for you and your goals.

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