Thursday, March 29, 2012

Exercise with your Toddler

I found it easier to get exercise in when my son was younger. I could take him to Stroller Strides or he would love going to the Magnuson Athletic Club Gym daycare. And at 2 years he realized he could control the situation in some way. He would fight being in the stroller (strong kiddo), scream his head off when I took him to the gym daycare and I started getting frustrated about my attempts to workout and not being able to do it in a non-stressful, smooth fashion. So I started brainstorming and realized you can really workout at anytime, anywhere. After my son threw a fit when I took him to the gym, I decided to take him to a park. He was happy, I set my phone timer and started jogging around the playground. I would break up the workout by doing tricep dips on a bench there, squats, calf raises, situps, jumping jacks, lunges, pushups, etc. I was right there for my son, interacting with him as he had a blast at the park and got my workout in at the same time. If you would feel silly doing this, find a park that isn't too crowded and just think about you and how good you will feel after.
After my park workout experience, I did start to think that you can workout anytime, anywhere. Seattle is very wet and sometimes going outside isn't the best option. When my son was happy playing at home, I would start my timer and get my workout started. I just jog in place, pretend to jump rope, jump with my son, run in circles, go up and down the stairs, do a ton of no equipment strengthening exercises, do the dishes running in place, fold the laundry running in place. By the time I would check the clock, I was sweating and it had been an hour. My son would join in my workout then tell me to stop dancing and after an hour we were both happy and I felt good and productive.
Here is a sample at home workout:
Jog in place- 1 min
Jumping jacks-50 x
Pushups- 15 x
Plie jump squats- 3 sets of 10
Pretend jump rope- 1 min
Jog and punch alternating arms- 1 min
Squats- 3 sets of 10
Calf raises- 3 sets of 10
Mountain climbers- 30 seconds x 2
Jog in circles- 1 min
Go up and down the stairs- 5 x
Situps- 60 crunches
Quick feet- 1 min
Jumping jacks- 50 x
Leg kicks- 30 on each leg
Wall sit- 1 min
Jog in place- 1 min
Dance and twist- 1 min
Lunge- 30 x each leg
Jump rope in place- 1 min
Jog in circles- 1 min
If you need to carry your toddler up and down the stairs in between or do squats with him or try plank with him on your back(that is hard), do it. Whatever gets you working hard and breaking a sweat.
Repeat sequence above.
Just do it!

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