Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wine and Weight Loss

Many people wonder if a few drinks will kill their diet. I have just the news you want to hear. Drinking and dieting can mix, but you still have to make smart choices. 1-2 glasses of wine at night will not sabotage your diet if you are making the right diet choices and exercising. If a glass of wine at night is going to satisfy you and keep you away from munching on high calorie snacks or having sweet desserts, then I say "Go for it!".

French women, who are statistically thinner than American women, enjoy their wine and control food portions. Red wine is believed to control appetite and contains enzymes that help break down your food more efficiently. It also contains reservatol, an antioxidant. The trick is moderation and making sure you are not consuming more calories than you are expending. If you have a glass of wine at night, you should run an extra mile the next day in addition to your regular workout or workout for an extra 10 minutes per drink.

Where people get into trouble with drinking and dieting is that too much to drink can destroy your will power and may result in consumption of junk food, all of the yummy food you have been working so hard to stay away from! It also is dehydrating so if you drink wine, drink lots of water since thirst can be mistaken for hunger leading to overeating.

So my philosophy is... Drink a few, eat right, work out more and you will still be able to reach your weight loss goals. Depriving yourself of too much will only lead to unhappiness and a low success rate. Make sure you treat yourself on the weekends or once a week with something you enjoy so you can continue to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle!


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