Thursday, May 8, 2008

Top 10 Things Parents can do to Raise Healthy Kids

1.) Play together as a family. Kids like to chase their parents and also win in sprint contests!
2.) Make exercise fun by listening to music. Kids love to dance!
3.) Reward effort, not with food "treats". Try rewarding them with a book from Barnes & Noble instead.
4.) Give them water as a drink option. Kids love it and are just used to juice being offered.
5.) Eat meals as a family. Plan out meals and include a variety of foods.
6.) Sign your child up to participate in a variety of activities.
7.) Incorporate activity into daily routines. For example, walk to local stores, ride your bike to the park, take the stairs (try the stairs at Gap in U-Village for a burner!)
8.) Be a positive role model and live a healthier lifestyle yourself.
9.) Kids should be physically active for at least one hour per day; create an activity schedule and tracker poster together as a family.
10.) You are the boss. You decide what, when, where and serving size and the child decides whether to eat and how much to eat.

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