Friday, April 25, 2008

Make Exercise Fun for Your Kids and Join Them!

Kids love to move around especially when you do it with them. The other day I was playing with my fiancé’s daughter outside. She wanted to ride her bike in our back alley. What started off as a stroll up and down the alley turned in to a fun sprinting contest between her and me. I was running, she was biking and the first one to the end of the road won. She was having a blast and was working much harder than before to try and beat me. Sprint contests and tag are excellent games to keeps kids moving outdoors and working hard!

Another great thing to do is give your family a team name. Our name is “Team Hulett”, but you can get more creative than that. Then you can create a mile tracking poster and try to get to 100 miles together as a family via walking, running, swimming and/or biking. Kids get excited about crossing off each mile and it motivates them to be more active.

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