Friday, January 11, 2008

Skinny Bitch (I am not referring to you)

I just finished reading a very fun and entertaining book, Skinny Bitch, by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. This book is a light read full of interesting nutrition facts and thoughts that will not put you to sleep. The book is a reality check on how we eat and it highlights that at times we kid ourselves by eating fat free, low-carb or sugar free and think "Oh, I am being healthy, this full of fat ice cream bar says low carb!" Then the next day you eat a high sugar, fat free product and then top it off with a sugar free product loaded with carbs. Your mind is racing with confusion and this mix of food is actually sabotaging your diet. You tell your friends you have been dieting, but you need to know that all of these foods you have been consuming are not healthy for you! Skinny Bitch is the perfect way to wake-up! It will also make you think twice about eating dairy products, meat, poultry, basically any animal product or non-organic product. I still will eat chicken, salmon, eggs, etc., but I think twice when I want an omelet or a glass of milk now!

Check out the Skinny Bitch website,, and get a hold of this book today for an informational and amusing read.

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